Stationery Inventory System (SIS)

Automation in Banking has taken a giant leap from ALPEM to Core Banking solution. We have different solutions for Banking needs of the Bank.

An important aspect of Banking operation of any bank

  Keeps track of Banking (like ledgers, Scrolls etc) and security stationery items (like cheque books, draft books) supplied to branches.

  Maintains stock levels, works on first-in-first out (FIFO) method.

  Supplier-wise details of items provided, supplier history maintenance.

  Re-order level (ROL) of stationery items.

  Periodic track of Branch-wise stock consumption.

We also provide following consultancy

  Formulation of technical specifications for automation
  Selection of vendors for hardware/software
  mplementation of software
  Data conversion/migration
  Training to staff
  Handholding support